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LATEST: We have launched our first eco action trumps mobile App!  It is absolutely free to download. You can get it here or search for ‘eco’ in the iTunes store. 

New: Our eco parenting theme - 30 eco ideas to help parents-to-be, new parents & families to become more eco friendly in their everyday lives – whilst having fun! Buy them in the eco action games shop here

all 4 themes of trumps togethr

We now have four themes of eco action trumps: free & easy behavioural actions; everyday eco actions; office related and water saving eco actions. All themes are available for purchase as single packs or as a bulk order.

Taking inspiration from the perennial kid’s favourite top trump games, eco action trumps is a game for all ages that entertains while educating players on environmental actions.

It aims to inform and inspire people to take positive environmental actions in their everyday lives. It shows how each action makes a difference, regardless of how big or small, and that there is something there for everybody.

Whether you’re looking for new ways of getting environmental messages across through to students, to liven up your employee engagement programme, or are looking for a novel promotional product for customers and stakeholders, eco actions trumps is the answer.

“Had a look at these over the weekend, and I think you’ve come up with something really ingenious here”  Jonathon Porritt, Founder Forum for the Future

Packs retail at £4.95 each (+ £2.00 P&P) and can also be bought at discount in quantities of 10s /50s /100s. Order by PayPal by visiting our online shop at: eco action games shop